Scottish Campaigners join parties in their Tens of thousands.

The people of Scotland are refusing to allow a ‘No’ vote to stop change happen in Scotland, setting a valiant example to the rest of the UK.

“Since Scots voted to stay in the UK last week, tens of thousands have flocked to pro-independence parties in Scotland. In less than a week, the Scottish Greens has more doubled in size to over 5,000 members. In just one week, more than 38,000 people enlisted in the Scottish National Party, making the nationalists the third largest party in the whole of the UK, behind only Conservatives and Labour.”


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Megan Wright is a candid young lady making her way around the world. Since her visit to Beijing in 2011, travel has become an integral part of her life. After graduating from Royal Holloway University of London, she moved her pale bottom over to Madrid where she worked as an au pair and EFL teacher. She's just returned home after 3 months backpacking in South America: stay tuned for posts about her venture on
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