Ed Milliband pledges to boost NHS spending through Mansion Tax.

I like this idea, but it needs to go further. Tax their mansions, their second homes, their 4th and 5th cars. Some people argue that this way you’re taxing people for working hard, and to this I always think “Well, I see tax and my insurance in case I’m not so lucky” and “Why shouldn’t my earnings be used to help others?”. Tax the heck out of the 1% and bring them back down to reality. The fact we have an NHS is simply awesome, and people should feel privileged (not robbed) that part of their earnings are going towards helping millions of people a year.

“He will say a “mansion tax” on homes worth more than £2m will help pay for the extra funding.

Labour is currently refusing to comment on what it describes as “speculation”.

The party has yet to spell out details of how its mansion tax would work. It could raise around £1.7bn a year, the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) says.

The Liberal Democrats also propose a mansion tax, while the Conservatives have ruled out such a plan, saying it is “not sensible”.”

Read the original BBC article here.


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