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Gemona del Fruli & Trieste, Italy

I never got the chance to write about this holiday, so here are some photos instead. From left to right : Cathedral of Gemona, Miramare Castle (Trieste), Grounds of Miramare Castle, Trieste harbour, Ampithetre built my Trajan  2nd Century AD, … Continue reading

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Graffiti at Pompeii.

“VII.12.18-20 (the Lupinare); 2192: Sollemnes, you screw well!” “VI.16.15 (atrium of the House of Pinarius); 6842: If anyone does not believe in Venus, they should gaze at my girl friend” “VI.15.6 (House of Caesius Valens and Herennius Nardus); 4637: Rufus … Continue reading

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