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Scottish Campaigners join parties in their Tens of thousands.

The people of Scotland are refusing to allow a ‘No’ vote to stop change happen in Scotland, setting a valiant example to the rest of the UK. “Since Scots voted to stay in the UK last week, tens of thousands … Continue reading

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“An education obtained by money is worse than no education at all”

~ Socrates. In 4 days time I will be marching through London’s city center, in protest against the recent proposals made in the HE White paper: to significantly cut funding to Universities and thus forcing them to demand treble the … Continue reading

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Nobodysaknowitall returns.

These past few months have been hectic, to say the very least. Holidays, essays, further reading, exams and working until I collapse from exhaustion, has unfortunately resulted in me neglecting this. But all is over now and I have officially … Continue reading

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