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Megan Wright is a candid young lady making her way around the world. Since her visit to Beijing in 2011, travel has become an integral part of her life. After graduating from Royal Holloway University of London, she moved her pale bottom over to Madrid where she worked as an au pair and EFL teacher. After backpacking through South America in 2016, Megan returned home to the UK and is now studying an MA in Applied Anthropology, Community & Youth Work at the University of London. Although back in ol' blighty for the time being, she will be teaching English across Europe during her summer and hopes to go on another great escape after her graduation in 2019.

Quitting Facebook for January.

This month I quit the Social Media giant Facebook… Facebook Detox 2016 Advertisements

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Scottish Campaigners join parties in their Tens of thousands.

The people of Scotland are refusing to allow a ‘No’ vote to stop change happen in Scotland, setting a valiant example to the rest of the UK. “Since Scots voted to stay in the UK last week, tens of thousands … Continue reading

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Hong Kong’s fight for Democracy

“Thousands of people are occupying the Admiralty district of the city in continued opposition to the Chinese Government’s refusal to let them select their own candidates for leadership elections in 2017, allowing only Beijing-backed politicians to stand.”

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Check Nobodosyaknowitall out on Bloglovin!

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Ed Milliband pledges to boost NHS spending through Mansion Tax.

I like this idea, but it needs to go further. Tax their mansions, their second homes, their 4th and 5th cars. Some people argue that this way you’re taxing people for working hard, and to this I always think “Well, … Continue reading

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Emma Watson #HeForShe Launch Speech, and her 4Chan threat.

This video has gone viral, and for good reason. I wholeheartedly agree with Emma Watson’s speech (in fact it’s something I’ve believed for some years now), but as a result unfortunately the users of 4Chan have threatened her with nude … Continue reading

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Scottish Independence, the aftermath.

Some interesting thoughts. I fancied a Yes vote, not because I believe I have any right to have a say in the matter, but as a historian I welcome change and I would have been interested to see Scotland develop … Continue reading

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