“I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.” ~ Socrates.

I have opinions on what I see around me, I like to write them down. I enjoy getting into heated debates, I enjoy publishing debates I have in my own mind to keep track of it all.  I want people think more and to not allow society to suppress their thoughts. Our minds are not confined to any measure of space; it is capable of so much and we should test that out and push it to its limit more often. I don’t associate myself with any particular political party, philosophy, or religion; when a person specifically assigns themselves to one thing, they create limitations for themselves, and I don’t think it is useful to put any boundaries on your mind and thought processes.

I’m a realist, not a pessimist. Whether the glass is half empty or half full depends on whether you filled it up half way, or emptied half of it out. Simple. Sometimes I wonder whether it would be nice to lead a life where I pretend everything is okay, and keep my head stuck in the clouds. But I’m just not that kind of gal.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” ~ Socrates 

I am fully aware that what I post is purely my own opinion, however I will not post my opinion unless I feel I have seen enough evidence to back that opinion up. I am open to criticism, but I will not change my opinion unless it can be proven otherwise. This may be seen as stubborn, but what sort of person would I be if I accepted someone else’s opinion to be valid without any challenge? I use rhetorical questions a lot, because they make people think of answers for them, and that thought process is good regardless of the outcome. I love, mostly ancient, history and I think there is a substantial amount we can learn by looking at our past. If we are ignorant of our past then we can only continue to make mistakes. Trial and error is vital.

“If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past.”~ Spinoza.

Nobody is a know-it-all, me included. I am fully aware of my own ignorance, but I will persist in trying my best to go against this fact. Researching, challenging and making discoveries are thrilling experiences but it is also one that will leaves me never quite content with what I know. That makes me stubborn, and it is frustrating that I persistently inflict myself with such a habit. “Nothing in excess”, however,  is what I follow,  which is why even I indulge in the simple things in life. I love Coffee, Gilmore girls and pretty dresses regardless of how much value they really hold. It keeps me sane.

So give my blog a read, just keep in mind what I have said. I blog for me, not for you. This is armature business, and I accept it probably will not change public opinion for the masses.

However “Stop saying ‘I wish’ start saying ‘I will’ “ – as if that is going to stop me from trying.

Enjoy (or rather, do not).

P.S. I’m dyslexic, so if you come across any grammar and spelling mistakes, or even a typo, please feel free to comment and point them out to me. It will help me in the future!


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