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Athens & Delphi, Greece 10th – 14th April 2011.

Finally I traveled to those sites I have been reading about! Although I didn’t get to do a full tour of Greece, given the small amount of cash I had, I think I did pretty well. Not as much of … Continue reading

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Animal testing

Testing on animals has got to be the biggest con job going. There is literally no excuse for it, and why so many companies still chose to do so is beyond me. I am not a scientist yet even I … Continue reading

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Socrates on Love

‘By Herakles!’ Said Xenophon ‘What awesome power you attribute to a kiss!’ ‘And this amazes you?’ said Socrates. ‘Don’t you know’, he said, ‘that scorpions, even though they are no bigger than half-obol’s size, when they merely touch one’s mouth … Continue reading

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In 7 hours time I embark on my journey to Athens, Greece.

A holiday all paid for by myself. I love how I have managed to put all my part time earnings to good use, made a real investment. Finally I will be able to see those monuments, and visit those places, … Continue reading

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Cleopatra VII is an inspiration.

Taking into consideration she lived in a patriarchal society (though Egypt were far more liberal when it came to females), Cleopatra VII capabilities are awe inspiring. Seducing two Roman generals, Julius Ceaser and Mark Antony (both extremely┬áinfluential, especially Ceaser), with … Continue reading

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Education made easy.


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I have a new found love for Shakespeare

Write me a sonnet any day…

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