Monika Bulaj: “The Hidden Light of Afghanistan”

My undergraduate dissertation sparked a love affair between the History of Afghanistan and myself. Check out this awesome TED talk shows you why.

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I’m all grown up and graduated now!

And have moved onto bigger and better things i.e. started a new blog!

Check it out here:

P.S. Look who made it to Peru!

P.S. Look who made it to Peru!


Just 21 year old recent-graduate who likes philanthropy, education, travelling, believes nobody is a know-it-all, and fancies herself as a blogger.

Sometime last year made a plan to ditch my original life-plan (to do a PGCE and teach), and see where the fates take me. As a result, this summer I’ll be teaching English with Education First (EF), followed by working as a Senior Mentor with NCS with The Challenge , before finally jetting off to Madrid in September to Aupair and learn español.

Read for posts about my travels, opinions, and general blabberings about the directions the fates and all that hippy jibba jabba decide to tug me towards.

Oh, I am also unbashedly dyslexic, so expect confused sentences, grammatical and spelling errors!

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Don’t ask me anything about music.

I know nothing, but I like the sound of these beauties:

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I think I agree, but… [UPDATED] – Do I really agree?

I have watched quite a few of GirlWritesWhat’s videos, most I have issues with, and this one is no different, but I thought the angle on history was interesting. Alas, I still have some bones to pick, particularly in regards to the seriously negative picture that is painted of feminism here, as if it is an inherently bad movement…

I believe that both men and women are oppressed by patriarchy in society. I think it is bad that the 1 in 10 men that are raped , few are taken seriously, if at all; I think it’s bad that when a man is injured or killed it is seen as a lesser loss than that of a woman; I think it’s bad that there is a higher suicide rate amongst men; that boys are doing worse than girls in school; that when a young boy has trouble we tell them to “get a grip” and deal with it themselves, and yet we’ll rush to a little girl’s help no question, and I think that men should get equal paternity leave. That said, I also think it’s bad that 1 in 4 women have been raped and/or experienced domestic abuse; that so many women are still paid less, for doing the exact same job; that women are judged so much by how they look, and that what they choose to wear apparently justifies their rape; that still, 41 years on, we have to argue our case for our right to contraception; that some women don’t even have access to contraception, abortion, or even tampons; that 1 in 100 girls suffer from anorexia; that women’s bodies are seen as commodities; and that a man is judged for being feminine, because society thinks being to act womanly is degrading.

Quite frankly it’s all pretty darn shit, but on the man’s side of the shitness, none of this is feminism’s fault. At the end of the day, men and women are needed for the human species, and we need to work together to eventually achieve equality. Feminism is helping men as it seeks break down gender stereotypes about femininity: If we realise that masculinity isn’t all that and it’s okay for a baby boy to cry too, then boys will grow up feeling cared for; then less men may be driven to suicide because they felt they couldn’t ask for help; then men may live a little longer, because we cared to make their workplace safer, and because they weren’t so hostile to seeing a doctor when they needed to. On the flip side, some of what MRA’s are specifically fighting for can help women out too: if we challenge traditional gender roles in the family then there will be a more equal distribution of childcare between parents; if equal Paternity leave is granted to men, then the more choice both parents have in their careers, lessening the burden of biology on women, and lessening the burden on men to be the providers all the time. It just makes sense!

Another issue I have with GirlWritesWhat is her constant comparison to what life would have been like when humans lived in caves. The fact is, we don’t live in caves any more, and human civilisation has come so far that traditional gender roles are no longer totally necessary for our survival. The world is overpopulated, there is less pressure on us to procreate, and we have rubber socks and magic pills to stop instinct getting in the way of that too. Reflection on the past is always useful, but we’ve developed as a species and as a society since then!

All too often I see even the most liberal-minded feminists shrug off male concerns with the added “LOLZ What about teh menz?” caption. Yes, teh menz problems may just be yet another defect of patriarchy, but that doesn’t mean you should tell a man to quit his whining. In regards to Paternity leave, custody battles, and male rape victims, I think their case is most certainly just. If they are more cracks in the foundation of the patriarchy, doesn’t it make sense to point them out too? Regardless of their size or whether or not they directly effect the woman’s side of the building, a crack is a crack and you’re going to bring the building crashing down a whole lot faster if you pick-axe them all, rather than a select group.

Unfortunately, however, currently MRA’s are misogyny ridden and I can totally sympathise with people when they find it hard to want to help them. They spend their time hating on women and feminists, solely blaming them rather than society for all their woes. And at the end of the day, liberation and equality cannot be achieved through these hateful means. We need to work together, not against each other! If we respect one another and value equally both masculinity and femininity (something I don’t think has ever been achieved to date) then we are bound to progress a down sight quicker than we have been doing. It just makes sense!

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Let me take a moment to tell you about Professor Edith Hall:

That there is her (sort of) new blog, that she started somewhere in the midst of her “Save Classics at Royal Holloway” campaign. She is now a Classics Professor at King’s College London, but she used to be a Classics & English professor at my university, Royal Holloway. If it wasn’t for her, her passion, her activism, her determination, and her intelligence, the wonderfully quirky Classics department that I am a part of would have been slowly disintegrated by a capitalist senior management team over the next few years. Of course, the success isn’t solely down to Edith Hall, and other awesome individuals (namely Sukdev Johal, and y’know, the 3,000 odd people who joined the group) were also responsible for the department’s saviour. But Edith Hall started it all, and she deserves more recognition and praise for this than I feel she has been given. Whilst other departments across the board decided to stay quiet, abide by the rules, and keep their fingers firmly crossed in hope playing nicely would work in their favour, Edith was showing our Senior Management Team up to the entire world. She helped prove that in the fight against cuts, austerity, and (in the greater scheme of things) corrupt governments, standing up in protest, starting public & nationwide campaigns, and making your voice heard, works.

There is a point in it. We’re not in the Matrix just yet. Apathy simply will not do.

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Finally they have admitted it.

“The detective constable – who has not been named – was arrested on Friday on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. Colleagues raised allegations that he had altered crime documents by inserting statements from the Crown Prosecution Service and senior officers to indicate that no charges were to be brought in rape and sexual abuse cases when no such decision had been made.

The officer was involved in 63 cases – 26 of which are continuing, and 37 in which he claimed the inquiry was completed. Each case is being reviewed and at least two women have already been told by detectives that issues have come to light which mean the original decision has now been changed, and the investigation is taking a different course.”

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Because mothers are awesome, and the Vagenda are spot on.

“Of course it totally ignores the fact that actual changes came in to make 12 months flexible between two partners, as well as the hardly difficult idea that people are actually employed to cover maternity leave. Which is good for other people’s job experiences, good for the economy, and means that, believe it or not, companies do not grind to a halt and inundate women in labour with urgent Blackberry updates as soon as their waters break. If only women had picked up their phones and paid a little more attention while they were selfishly continuing the human race, then we wouldn’t have ended up with the Leveson Inquiry Into Feminism!”

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