I’m all grown up and graduated now!

And have moved onto bigger and better things i.e. started a new blog!

Check it out here: http://daonchairdeas.wordpress.com/

P.S. Look who made it to Peru!

P.S. Look who made it to Peru!


Just 21 year old recent-graduate who likes philanthropy, education, travelling, believes nobody is a know-it-all, and fancies herself as a blogger.

Sometime last year made a plan to ditch my original life-plan (to do a PGCE and teach), and see where the fates take me. As a result, this summer I’ll be teaching English with Education First (EF), followed by working as a Senior Mentor with NCS with The Challenge , before finally jetting off to Madrid in September to Aupair and learn español.

Read for posts about my travels, opinions, and general blabberings about the directions the fates and all that hippy jibba jabba decide to tug me towards.

Oh, I am also unbashedly dyslexic, so expect confused sentences, grammatical and spelling errors!

Connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/megan-wright/6b/201/200
Follow me on Twitter: @Nobodysaknwitall
Check me out on about.me: http://about.me/nobodysaknowitall “


About MW

Megan Wright is a candid young lady making her way around the world. Since her visit to Beijing in 2011, travel has become an integral part of her life. After graduating from Royal Holloway University of London, she moved her pale bottom over to Madrid where she worked as an au pair and EFL teacher. After backpacking through South America in 2016, Megan returned home to the UK and is now studying an MA in Applied Anthropology, Community & Youth Work at the University of London. Although back in ol' blighty for the time being, she will be teaching English across Europe during her summer and hopes to go on another great escape after her graduation in 2019.
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2 Responses to I’m all grown up and graduated now!

  1. youngandtwenty says:

    Congratulations! You sound like you have an amazing adventure ahead. Great time to blog.

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