Let me take a moment to tell you about Professor Edith Hall:


That there is her (sort of) new blog, that she started somewhere in the midst of her “Save Classics at Royal Holloway” campaign. She is now a Classics Professor at King’s College London, but she used to be a Classics & English professor at my university, Royal Holloway. If it wasn’t for her, her passion, her activism, her determination, and her intelligence, the wonderfully quirky Classics department that I am a part of would have been slowly disintegrated by a capitalist senior management team over the next few years. Of course, the success isn’t solely down to Edith Hall, and other awesome individuals (namely Sukdev Johal, and y’know, the 3,000 odd people who joined the group) were also responsible for the department’s saviour. But Edith Hall started it all, and she deserves more recognition and praise for this than I feel she has been given. Whilst other departments across the board decided to stay quiet, abide by the rules, and keep their fingers firmly crossed in hope playing nicely would work in their favour, Edith was showing our Senior Management Team up to the entire world. She helped prove that in the fight against cuts, austerity, and (in the greater scheme of things) corrupt governments, standing up in protest, starting public & nationwide campaigns, and making your voice heard, works.

There is a point in it. We’re not in the Matrix just yet. Apathy simply will not do.



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Classical Studies student, who likes vegetarianism, animals, feminism, and dislikes monetarism and capitalism. For shorter spats of Nobodysaknowitall: Follow @MegannWright
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2 Responses to Let me take a moment to tell you about Professor Edith Hall:

  1. bluntcrayon says:

    Edith’s an inspiration. Thanks for this post.

  2. Charles Hedges says:

    To create a post for oneself which is not advertised is pretty self serving.

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