Female pubic hair.

“Nature, including sexual nature, can be national. I have been working on the relation between love, erotics and religion among Italian and American university students for several years now. Although waxing kits are readily available, total depilation is rare among Italian women. Men don’t like it if there is not a tuft remaining on the mons. “They would not know where to go,” the Italian women joke. Likewise, hairless pre-pubescent girls are not a big segment of the Italian pornography market. Italian men, who are major consumers of porn, organize their alternative erotic reality around women, not girls. As a result, an Italian woman’s pubic hair tends to be shaped, not eliminated. This survival, I think, is related to the fact that Italians continue, much more than in the United States, to want and to have their sex with love. Young Italian men are romantic—more than their counterparts in America, and indeed even more romantic than Italian women.

For Italian men the smell of a vagina is something earthy. The vagina for them is a prize, a beautiful flower to be admired and won, not as in the United States, a term of disdain, a cunt. In Rome a vagina is una fica, a term deriving from the fig, a great thing, a delightful gift, a ribboned fruit. Among young Romans, the expression fica is a way to convey something extraordinarily good, akin to “cool.” They even make it into a superlative—fichissimo, meaning that something is the “cuntest” and very good indeed. Una fica is not only a sexually attractive woman, it is anything worthy of possession or experience. Imagine an American guy saying: “Wow, that is so vagina!” You can’t.”

Brilliant post on female pubic hair. http://freq.uenci.es/2011/10/14/disappearance/


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One Response to Female pubic hair.

  1. Huh, very interesting indeed. I wonder if the term really applies the way the author sees it. Obviously ‘cunt’ is not a positive term. In Spain, ‘coño’ is the closest thing we have to it, also not appropriate for most circles, though it is definitely nonchalant, it can be an expression of surprise, admiration, excitement… it comes form the Latin ‘cunnus’ meaning ‘rabbit’ (another hairy animal as the author would say) and it represents reproduction; obviously the more, the better. However, Spaniards don’t have a superlative for it, thus the cultural aspects are obviously different. I wounder what would happen, if an italian male went to an interview and when he was hired said “fichissimo” to celebrate while in front of his new boss… Furthermore, Cicero in one of his letters writes of Ancient Romans avoiding the term ‘cunnus’ to the point of changing language: instead of saying ‘cum nobis’ (with us) they would say ‘nobiscum,’ why? Simple, say ‘cum nobis’ fast enough, and it sounds like you are saying ‘cunnus,’ definitely an inappropriate and vulgar term. Yet, one could say that the Romans really hated hair, Gaius Julius Caesar, after all, had a team of depilatory men and women who would pluck the hair off his body. I wonder if the author considers only modern sources and therefore lacks objectivity.

    Another interesting read is “Pornland” by Gail Dines. There is an argument there that sheds light on the reason why men tend to look to hairless women, and also, on the opposite side of the spectrum, why women are forced to make a decision that finds them going hairless.

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