Socrates opens the Edinburgh Book Festival (sort of) (via rogueclassicism)

Reblogging this because Bettany Hughes is my idol. I would, and do, recommend her book on Socrates ‘The Hemlock Cup’ to anyone interested in the philosopher, or even if they are simply curious about the history fifth century Athens.

From an item in the Scotsman: WHEN westen civilisation began, it was in the Agora, or marketplace, of Athens. There, in the Golden Age of Athenian democracy, about 450 years before the birth of Christ, Socrates – the man who, remember, thought the unexamined life not worth living – would contribute his pennyworth to discussions of ethics. We know of him, said the wonderful Bettany Hughes, on the opening day of the book festival that wisely doesn' … Read More

via rogueclassicism


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