The Indus Valley civilisations: Proving we’re not all that modern.

Oh how I do enjoy a Saturday night in, discovering ancient civilisations which I had not heard of before. The Indus valley civilisation are believed to have thrived between c.3000-1900 BC, dotted around the Indus river in what is now (mostly) modern-day Pakistan (partially India). They excelled in Architecture and engineering, building complex cities featuring brick work we still use to this day. Wells, sewage and drainage systems, uniform weights, metal works, I am in awe of their accomplishments and ashamed that we do not put more limelight on these tremendous finds. It frustrates me that not more people know of these ancient treasures, people are ignorant of how far we human beings have come as a species. Of course what we have achieved now is beyond anything that previous civilisations have achieved, but cut out those god damn dark ages and really, we have not done nearly as much mileage as we think. Where does it all stop? We are forever realising that our species history stretches further back into the depth of time. Why do so many fail to come to terms with the possibilities of lost civilisations, even when evidence suggests otherwise? Quit being so proud! I for one can not wait to spend my life looking at planet Earth’s alluring past, there is so much we need to learn before we can ever understand ourselves and what we are getting into.


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