“Metrosexuals” BC

2000 years ago they were pulling all the stops to woo a lady friend.

“Don’t torture your hair, though, with curling-irons: don’t
Your legs into smoothness, leave that
To mother Cybele’s votaries, ululating in chorus
With their Phrygian modes. Real men
Shouldn’t primp their good looks. When Theseus abducted
No pins held up his locks;
Hippolytus was no dandy, yet phaedra loved him; Adonis,
A goddess. Keep pleasantly clean, take exercise, work up an
out door
Tan; make qite sure that your toga fits
And doesn’t show spots; don’t lace your shoes too tightly
Or ignore any rusty buckles, or slop
Around in too large a fitting. Don’t let some incompetent
Ruin your looks: both hair and beard demand
Expert attention. Keep your nails pared, and dirt-free;
Don’t let your long hairs sprout
In your nostrils, make sure your breath is never offensive,
Avoid the rank male stench
That wrinkles noses. Beyond this is for wanton women –
Or any half -man who wants to attract men.”

“The Art of love: Book 1” Ovid.


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Classical Studies student, who likes vegetarianism, animals, feminism, and dislikes monetarism and capitalism. For shorter spats of Nobodysaknowitall: Follow @MegannWright
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