Oh my.

“Believe me, the pleasure of love is not to be rushed, but gradually elicited by well tempered delay. When you have found the place where a woman loves to be fondled, don’t you be ashamed to touch it any more than she is. You will see her eyes gleaming with a tremulous brightness like the glitter of the sun reflected in clear water. Then she will moan and murmur lovingly, sigh sweetly, and find words that suit her pleasure. But be sure that you don’t sail too fast and leave your mistress behind, nor let her complete her course before you. Race to the goal together. This pleasure is complete, when man and woman lie vanquished side by side. This tempo you must keep when you dally freely, and fear does not rush a secret affair. When delay is dangerous, then it is useful to speed ahead with full power, spurring your horse as she comes.” – Ovid (43 B.C. – A.D. 17).


About nobodysaknowitall

Classical Studies student, who likes vegetarianism, animals, feminism, and dislikes monetarism and capitalism. For shorter spats of Nobodysaknowitall: Follow @MegannWright
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2 Responses to Oh my.

  1. Matt says:

    It’s amazing how he makes such a….vulgar thing sound sweet :]

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