Britain’s very own Holocaust.

5 million Irish people died in the Irish potato famine in British hands. This number does not include the people who were not registered or those who died on the boats that sank on their way to America, or those who died in British hands before the blight hit Ireland. Laws were passed in the houses of Parliament to prevent the people from farming their own food and owning their own lot of land. Approximately 9 million people lived in Ireland at this time, they produced enough food to feed over 15 million people, yet they starved to death whilst they watched the food being exported to someone else’s home.

So why is it we only ever hear about the 6 million Jews who died under Hitler’s rule? We give so much sympathy to these people, we are brought up our whole lives being told that what Hitler did was horrific and hellish at best. It was disgusting, I would never deny this, my point is that Britain’s hands are not clean and it is not only the Jewish people who have had to live in turmoil.

Stalin killed 23,000,000.
Mao Ze-Dong killed 49-78,000,000.

There are dozens of other dictators who have committed almost, just as many or even more disgraceful acts against other human beings.

I will go into this in more depth another time.


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