I just watched a documentary on the Acropolis in Athens, how it has been plundered through out time etcetera. What I really don’t understand is why the British Museum ,and Britain as a whole, believes they have the right to keep so much of it in England. Sure at the time that Scottish man thought he was doing them a favour, but come on, he lost, dropped and destroyed much of it whilst trying to get it back to England! I know it’s great that me, a lover of ancient history, can go up to the British museum when I like and it takes me one step closer to it all, but even so I wouldn’t let my own selfishness stand in the way of a country getting back huge parts of their history. How would ‘we’ feel if the Greeks came over and just, took stone henge? We’d probably bomb the acropolis as revenge for that, but ohhh no, what ‘we’ have done is completely different!

It would be AMAZING if they could re build the whole Acropolis, I mean they are trying, but it can’t look the same without what we have over here! I don’t know, I realise me blogging won’t do anything, I just think it is a load of garbage.


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