Think about it.

There are so many countries in the world which suffer from poverty. Every country in the world has suffered from it (and still does in some areas). What I don’t get, is how some paces can manage to get themselves out if it, but others can not? Many years ago we managed to by ourselves – for the most part. A relative of mine who studied Anthropology at Edinburgh university got me thinking about something. She said to me “Third world countries, they rely on other people helping them out when things get bad. They don’t do it themselves, and that is why they aren’t getting any better”. We didn’t get where we are today through foreign aid, through charity, we helped ourselves. Most charity we give goes into the pockets of the leaders of the said country, not into the pockets of the poor families suffering from poverty. We have been giving charity throughout the past century, millions of pounds has been given yet somehow the third world countries still exist? Just, think.


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Classical Studies student, who likes vegetarianism, animals, feminism, and dislikes monetarism and capitalism. For shorter spats of Nobodysaknowitall: Follow @MegannWright
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