I’m a ‘Thanatophobic’, but I will never stop people dying.

We humans seem to love going on and on and on about how someone, or some people have died. All people die, and there are always new horrible things killing them. Whether that be dictators, disease or natural disasters, it has always happened. I think we forget that, as tragic as it all is, we will never be able to stop this. We can not change how the world behaves naturally, we can not sop tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, flooding – etcetera. And if we did, well then we would all be in a very bad situation. If we find the cure or a vaccine  for every disease and illness  known to mankind, another one would come about and go on killing people every day. That or, they would all manage to morph or redevelop into super bugs, becoming resistant to all the vaccines/cures. Murder, massacre, or whatever won’t ever leave our world. If anyone ever discovered a means of literally controlling the weather All this is horrible to think about (I know), but it happens, “Shit happens”. People die, children, babies, old people, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and foe – and it will ALWAYS be horrible and a painful thing to have to go through. Wishing for this to stop will not change anything. It works to keep positive, and your hopes high but you should always be aware of, and possibly prepared for,  the worst case situation.


About nobodysaknowitall

Classical Studies student, who likes vegetarianism, animals, feminism, and dislikes monetarism and capitalism. For shorter spats of Nobodysaknowitall: Follow @MegannWright
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